Partner of the Champions for over 20 years!

The passion for our job and the dedication to the development and specialization in supplying technical services allowed us to achieve successful goals.

Tours Service is an accredited agent in the paddock of MotoGP, and leader in supplying technical and logistical services to the teams participating in motorbike and car racing world championships. We are in the MotoGP racing circuits to provide our customers with an efficient service and the highest responsiveness.

Since 2015 we are present in the European MOTOGP circuits with our mobile office, which is a special 12-meter-long vehicle that has been specifically designed and built to cater for the most effective logistic and operational assistance to our customers. And it is the only one of its kind!

As passionate experts, appreciated on international markets, we plan and manage the human logistics of clients, offering services reflecting the highest quality standards of the market.

Our services

- Planning the itinerary, booking and issuing air tickets, both national and international, for short, medium or long haul;

- Charter flights and flight seat allotments;

- Ferry boat and train tickets;

- Booking of hotels carefully selected by our product managers and undergone pre-racing inspections;

- Virtually every solution for national & international car rentals. Direct contracts with our non-European partners to guarantee assisted vehicle deliveries and minimize or avert waiting times;

- Ancillary services and special requests.

What we can offer you

- Highly specialized technical consulting in planning the human logistics of your company;

- Top-notch expertise;

- Constant research and development of new products and/or technological solutions for managing your trips;

- Excellent and professional customer care, prompt responsiveness, and careful attention to the customer’s needs;

- Professional assistance during European and non-European races, quick resolution to unforeseen changes that may occur during the trips and the race weekends;

- Reliability and fairness in commercial negotiations;

- Suitable and flexible general conditions and payment terms.

Tours Service currently offers its services to more than 30 teams, including the official teams of Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha and Aprilia.