Sustainability has become an increasingly discussed and widespread issue all over the world in the past few years. It is necessary to educate about sustainability under every aspect: environmental, social, and economic.

In our daily working and personal activities, we carry out our commitment to the environmental protection with the aim of reducing pollution. We eliminated the use of plastic in our head office. In fact, we use non-disposable glasses, dishes, and cutlery during our lunch breaks. Moreover, we installed a water purifier in our kitchen, putting an end to the use of plastic bottles. In addition, we are also actively involved in reducing paper waste, through the constant development and implementation of new innovative paperless processes. The used paper is disposed of in the most effective way to recycling.

The path to sustainability is likely to be challenging in the short term. Awareness is key to a sustainable future for the next generations. We truly believe it is our duty to heal our world.

Tours Service is constantly working for creating new sustainable journeys with the lowest environmental impact.

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